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I started making cancer sucks pins for Pennies in Action®, a non-profit organization that is funding some amazing cancer vaccine research. Pennies was founded by a double cancer survivor, and is a completely volunteer organization. They are currently funding
a very successful Breast cancer vaccine clinical trial by Dr. Brian Czerniecki of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
The research and the trial have been on the national news, and in national & international publications.
Check it out at

I always have a cancer sucks pin on my purse, and people definitely notice them. While I keep a supply in my purse to sell, I
have been told over and over that I should have the pins online, so they could see all of my designs and colors, not just
what I have on me at the time. The other request was for a website with an easy to remember, catchy name.

So - here it is -!

A portion of every sale on will be donated to Pennies in Action to help continue the funding for the research.
Without PIA making up the gap between official NIH funding and the actual cost of the vaccine per patient, the trial would not
be able to continue to enroll patients. Official funding never completely covers the entire cost of a clinical trial.

half the price of each item will be donated to the research

In buying from, you are supporting a small handmade business - THANK YOU! Cancer Sucks Pins is a 'division'
of Prossack Designs, which is me: Michelle Prossack. (This is why you will notice your credit card statements and PayPal invoices
will read Prossack Designs). I have been selling crafts for well over 30 years at craft shows, and over 7 years online. I have been
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